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  • Behind on Mortgage Payments?
  • Owe Taxes?
  • Getting a Divorce?
  • Paying for a Funeral?
  • Medical Bills?
  • Repair Issues?
  • Fire Damage?
  • Liquidating Assets?
  • Bad Tenants?
  • Travel Plans?
  • Going Back to School?
  • Real Estate Listing Expired?
  • Something Else?
We're serious homebuyers at K&S Homes LLC, a real estate investment company managed by Joe Armstrong. We buy houses for cash, then flip them. We buy homes for cash in AS-IS CONDITION and bring them back to life. It is correct to say that we buy "fixer-uppers," but your home doesn't have to be falling apart to qualify. Our goal is to help communities and neighborhoods one house at a time.

We don't need to know the reason why you want to sell your home as quickly as possible for cash. If you are going through a divorce, have medical bills to pay, are behind on mortgage payments, owe taxes, want to go back to college or just want to hop in a motor home and see the country, we aren't here to make judgments. We just buy the house and you get the cash to take care of your needs.

We eliminate the hassles most home sellers go through. You don't have to pay a commission and closing costs. You don't have to have the home inspected and then brought up to code. You don't have to paint the rooms or get pet stains out of the carpets. You don't have to evict the tenants. We even flip houses that have been in fires and floods.
Our Mission Is to Solve a Problem You Face as a Homeowner
 Cash in Your Pockets without Hassles
  • No Repairs
  • No Commissions
  • No Closing Costs